“Free education will arise, not from socialist ideas and the expropriation of property, but from market forces”
30 მარტი, 2015 Matvey Ganapolsky: The “thief-in-law songs” in Georgia were banned and then permitted again.
30 მარტი, 2015 Soros says ready to invest $1 billion in Ukraine if West helps
30 მარტი, 2015 After the president’s report no debate will take place
20 მარტი, 2015 Parliament Confirms New Supreme Court Chair
13 მარტი, 2015 Economy, Finance Ministers and C.Bank Chief Grilled by MPs at Committee Hearing
27 თებერვალი, 2015 C.Bank Chief Responds to ‘Slanderous Campaign’, Calls to Stop ‘Blame-Shifting’ over GEL Fall
29 იანვარი, 2015 NATO Deputy Secretary General Holds Talks in Tbilisi
31 დეკემბერი, 2014 Rosneft Becomes Part-Owner of Company with Operations in Georgia
05 ნოემბერი, 2014 Alasania’s Free Democrats Quit GD Coalition
24 ოქტომბერი, 2014 U.S. Department of State on Prosecutions of Former Govt Officials in Georgia
20 ოქტომბერი, 2014 “Ongoing year in Georgia, men did well in crime and murdering women took the lead”
25 სექტემბერი, 2014 New Abkhaz Leader Takes Office
31 აგვისტო, 2014 Georgia Seeks Interpol 'Red Notice' for Saakashvili
30 ივლისი, 2014 In Hungary Saakashvili Comments on Charges Against Him
25 ივნისი, 2014 Rasmussen: No MAP for Georgia at NATO Wales Summit
04 აპრილი, 2014 Ex-Chief of NSC Bokeria Questioned by Prosecutors
28 მარტი, 2014 EU's Progress Report on Georgia
27 მარტი, 2014 Burjanadze Comments on Obama's NATO Remarks
28 თებერვალი, 2014 U.S. Human Rights Report on Georgia
26 თებერვალი, 2014 President Condemns 'Borderization'
24 თებერვალი, 2014 PM Calls for NATO MAP for Georgia
24 იანვარი, 2014 Freedom House: Georgia Remains 'Partly Free'
21 იანვარი, 2014 Lavrov Comments on Relations with Georgia
31 დეკემბერი, 2013 Stalin Statue Removed in Telavi
29 ნოემბერი, 2013 Georgian, French Presidents Meet in Vilnius
14 ოქტომბერი, 2013 OSCE Election Observers' Interim Report
24 სექტემბერი, 2013 Abkhaz Decision on Passports Leaves Many Georgians in Gali Worried
06 ივლისი, 2013 Bakradze Hails 'Positive' Talks with PM, Parliament Speaker
26 მაისი, 2013 Saakashvili Visits Georgian Troops in Afghanistan on Independence Day
28 აპრილი, 2013 GD Candidates Lead in MP By-Elections
25 თებერვალი, 2013 Ugulava: Prosecutors' Motion 'Absurd'
30 ნოემბერი, 2012 Ivanishvili: Saakashvili's Lobbying 'Will Not Stop Restoring Justice'